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EV Charger and Electric Car Charging Stations

The Orbis Electric Vehicle Chargers are the smart solution for charging your electrical vehicles in residential and commercial garages.



Intelligent chargers for Electric Vehicles: the VIARIS range of EV Charging Stations for residential, commercial and public applications from ORBIS.

Electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles are becoming a more common reality, with the production of these vehicles increasing around the world every year. There are technical, economic and ecological reasons for this technology and it is now looking to be an irreversible trend.

View the Orbis EV Chargers brochure and technical guide HERE.

VIARIS COMBI – Ideal for commercial, retrofit and new build applications
The VIARIS COMBI Electrical Vehicle Charging Station includes a standard load modulator that constantly increases or decreases the consumption of the electric vehicle depending on the rest of the consumption in the home. In this way you can achieve the highest recharge in the shortest possible time without exceeding the contracted power. The VIARIS COMBI is ideal for retrofit and new build applications.

  • Designed for quick and easy installation on a wall base.
  • Charger power: Single phase 3.7 kW or 7.4 kW and 3-phase from 11 kW to 22 kW.
  • Available with one or two outlets, both connection base and Type 1, Type 2 or Schuko hose.
  • Charging mode 3 with a high degree of communication with the vehicle.
  • VIARIS intelligent load modulator included in all models.
  • Protections against temporary and transient over voltages, thermomagnetic switch and differential switch (optional).
  • Product dimensions (mm): 209.7(w) x 436.2(h) x 161.3(d)

VIARIS UNI – Ideal for residential applications
The VIARIS UNI Electric Vehicle Charging Station can charge any electric vehicle from cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles and plug-in-hybrids, and is suitable for a variety of residential and commercial applications. It offers streamline design, simplicity and user friendliness with WIFI communications and easy installation. It is especially recommended for residential use in single-family homes or communal car parks, and for tertiary sector car parks in office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, companies, hospitals, etc.

  • Leakage current detector with a direct current component to protect people.
  • Integrated WIFI communication.
  • VIARIS App for mobile devices and embedded website for remote charging station management and control.
  • Charger power: Single phase 7.4 kW and 3-phase 22 kW.
  • Tactile charging activation / deactivation sensor or RFID activation.
  • Maximum power limitation via a selector switch.
  • Mobile phone notifications.
  • Measurement and logging of charged power.
  • Protection class IP54

VIARIS CITY – Ideal for outdoor applications
Charging system for electric vehicles especially intended for outdoor use in public environments. This charger is capable of meeting different management needs, from individual connection points, to municipal or corporate charging networks, with a management platform on the charger. Includes smart load balancing between the power outputs that distributes the available power according to the level of charge of the vehicles. In other words, VIARIS CITY gives more power to the output of the vehicle with the least charge.

  • IK10 in accordance with EN 62262
  • IP 54 in accordance with EN 60529
  • 3.7 kW – 7.4 kW single-phase power.
  • 11 kW – 22 kW – 43 kW three-phase power.
  • Charging mode 3.
  • RFID card reader.
  • Built-in schedule programming.
  • Available with one or two Type 2 or Schuko base sockets.
  • Models with connection base socket include an interlock to prevent accidental disconnection while charging.
  • Compatible with system integrators.

VIARIS Remote Configuration and Management App
Integrated WiFi module and free VIARIS app allows you to remotely program and control the charger from your smartphone. Easily access records of recharges with date, start time, duration and energy consumed per user. Available FREE on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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No need to hire more power.

VIARIS Charging Stations include a standard charge modulator that constantly increases or decreases the consumption of the electric vehicle depending on the rest of the household consumption. In this way we achieve the highest recharge in the shortest possible time without exceeding the contracted power.

For installations with several charging points (neighbourhood communities, office buildings, shopping center), ORBIS has developed the SPL-ORBIS Line Protection System that allows the power modulation of all vehicles connected to a network without the need to increase the contracted power.
This system allows to increase the number of chargers using the capacity of existing circuits.

The VIARIS TESTER is an Electric Vehicle (EV) specific power system tester, enabling several functions of EV chargers to be tested by simulating the connection of an electric vehicle.

It ensures correct charger operation before delivery to the customer, and is thus an essential tool for electric mobility professionals, whether installers or checking bodies. It can be used in Electric Vehicle charging station installations in homes, apartment blocks, car parks, office buildings, vehicle fleets, etc.

Key Features:

  • Valid for chargers up to 64 A.
  • Can test Charging Mode 3 with Type 2 connectors.
  • Equipped with an LCD display indicating: vehicle state, active phases, charger current and power, earthing verification and oscilloscope mode CP signal display.



Q: If I have a 43 kW charger, why divide this power equally between the two outputs? Why not adapt the output power to the vehicle’s charging capacity?

A: Thanks to the Orbis Intelligent Power Balance System, two vehicles can recharge at the same time to their maximum allowable power, which greatly reduces recharging times. Find out more about the balance system in this video 

Q: How do I keep my VIARIS charger updated?

A: We recommend you always update your EV charger to ensure the best performance and to enjoy the latest new features that we periodically add. Watch the video to learn step by step how to update the Firmware of your VIARIS UNI or VIARIS COMBI with our VIARIS App.

Q: How do I register in the VIARIS App?

A: Registering a new user and VIARIS charger is simple.  After downloading the VIARIS App, you can create a new user with your email address and by setting a password, then connect to the Wi-Fi network of your VIARIS charger. By following these simple steps, you will be able to:
– Configure your password.
– Set the maximum charging power.
– Discover many more functionalities from the VIARIS App.
Follow the full set up in this video

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