Gas & Air Quality – Fixed

Controllers & Sensors for CO, CO2, O2, Refrigerant and
Hazardous Gases, Duct mount Smoke Detectors, Air Quality Sensors
Dataloggers for monitoring Hazardous & Toxic Gases



Our HVAC B.U. has a strong presence in the measurement and control of gases, air quality and leak detection to ensure that buildings are compliant with the NZ standards. In particular we offer a range of fixed sensors for monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO) & NO levels in underground car parks, hazardous & combustible gases in industrial work environments, and a comprehensive range of refrigerant & gas leak sensors.

E+E also offer a comprehensive range of wireless transmitter solutions for CO2/rH/degC control and monitoring and the HUMILOG20 series data loggers for CO2/rH/degC measurement.

Critical Environmental Technologies (CETCI) gas detectors are used to detect many different gases. Some of the most common are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, ammonia, chlorine, ozone, combustible gases like methane and propane, oxygen, refrigerants and more.

Check out the video below to see what?CETCI has to offer for your particular gas detection application.

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