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Eurotec Refrigeration Newsletter, May 2022

In our latest Refrigeration Newsletter we feature the brand-new Testo 560i Refrigerant Scales which are now in stock! We also introduce you to our newest Refrigeration team member.

COMING SOON! Testo 560i Refrigerant Scales

Coming Soon to Eurotec! The new Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale with Bluetooth and Intelligent Valve makes charging refrigeration systems and heat pumps revolutionarily simple.

Eurotec HVAC Newsletter, April 2022

In the HVAC April Newsletter we feature the difference between isothermal and adiabatic humidification and which models in the CAREL humidifier range use these systems.

EVs aren’t only cars Part 4: EVs & Caravans

With the revolution of electric vehicles just around the corner, the smart people that build caravans have been busy over recent years and have come up with a few clever solutions!

CAREL @ Data Centre World London 2022

This week CAREL will be at Data Centre World London presenting their high efficiency, energy saving solutions for data centre cooling including the new boss one.

EVs aren’t only cars Part 3: EVs underwater

The latest instalment in the blog series ‘EVs aren’t only cars’; EVs Underwater from Rodda Smithies of CSA Charger Stations Australia. Did you ever think you could hook up a submarine to the back of your car and head away for a weekend of underwater exploration? I...