Voltage Monitoring Relays

Voltage Monitoring Relays




Established in 1974,KLEMSANĀ has become a global brand in industrial automation. Klemsan Automation is the perfect solutions for any customized or demanding needs. Klemsan products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications such as:?Waste and Water Treatment, Access control, Renewable Energies, Building Equipment, Industrial Machines and Transportation.

KLEMSANoffers the?G1D-SA Voltage Mornitoring Relay?with phase failure, adjustable unabalanced protection and phase sequence 3 with neutral.

MAC3also offer the?T500000000 Phase Failure Relay with 11pin base housing and 415VAC control voltage in their selection of controls.
The phase failure relay will switch off the load in the event of a phase loss or a drop in the supply voltage. It will also monitor the phase sequence in three phase in order to protect against the possibility of a phase reversal.

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