High-tech for scale ice making: For over twenty years Funk have been developing innovative machines for scale ice making – with a complete service: from planning and construction through to production, installation and maintenance. Funk consistently focus on the wishes, needs and requirements of our customers. Since 2001, we have also offered a proven and tested cleaning principle: A patented principle, Funk EasyClean® enables you to clean the machines easy and quickly – ensuring the highest possible standard of hygiene in scale ice making. Know-how, technology, experience – a concept with international success!

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  • F 120-800-FUNK-Ice-Machine-for-small-and-average-ice-demand-V2

    Ice Machines

    Ice Machines

    Ice Machines

    A range of European industrial quality ice Machines for Food Processing, Retail and Industry

    Ziegra Ice Machines for Chip/Nugget Ice

    MAJA Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice

    FUNK Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice

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