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Established in 1974, KLEMSANĀ has become a global brand in industrial automation, with its 7 offices in Turkey and 9 offices worldwide. Klemsan Automation, supported by an experienced sales and technical team and an easy to use software is the adaptable alternative for any automation solutions.

Klemsan Automation is the perfect solutions for any customized or demanding needs. Klemsan products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Waste and Water Treatment
  • Access control
  • Renewable Energies
  • Building Equipment
  • Industrial Machines
  • Transportation

Klemsan offers the RAPIDUS 231R-E Power Factor Correction Controller.

Main features include:

  • Measuring system: 3?
  • LCD Screen
  • Real Time Clock
  • Password Protection
  • Current/Voltage Transformer Ratio: 1-5000
  • Networks: TT, TN. IT
  • Step Configurations – Manually asign, predefined.

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