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Eurotec Level 2 COVID-19 Update

We are now at Alert Level 2 and our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch branches are continuing to follow the government guidelines to operate safely. Here’s what you need to know when you visit Eurotec during level 2. We can’t wait to see you all.

Before you enter the building:

  • Visitors MUST Register before they enter the building. Each branch will have a poster at the entrance with a QR code to scan – this takes you to a secure website where you enter your contact details. The whole process is “contactless”
  • If you don’t have a scanner app on your phone, simply enter the web address on the poster into your phone browser to bring up the same page.
  • There are free QR code scanner apps available for iPhone and Android if you would like to install one in preparation for your visit.
  • If you are a returning visitor and previously registered, you scan the QR code again and enter your email address; the other details will be automatically populated so the process is a lot quicker.
  • In Auckland: only two visitors in the showroom area at any one time.
  • In Wellington & Christchurch branches: only one visitor in the office at a time ie ONE IN/ONE OUT policy.

Once inside the building:

  • Visitors must use the Hand Sanitiser provided just inside the door before they approach the Trade Counter for service.
  • Visitors to maintain social distancing practices. There will be floor markings to indicate a safe distance.
  • Staff will confirm with visitors when they approach the counter/reception that have they registered before entering the building.
  • Visitors picking up product do not physically have to sign our copy of the packing slip. Our staff will obtain their name and cellphone number and record this on the packing slip instead.

Health and Safety:

  • Staff will regularly wipe down/sanitise equipment and areas where there is interaction with others eg counter tops, EFTPOS keypad etc.
  • Staff to maintain social distancing practices.

Customer support:

  • You can still contact your local Eurotec Sales Rep via phone or email for any inquiries. Please check the Eurotec website for our staff details


  • Deliveries are continuing as usual.

The Eurotec Team

09 579 1990