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Temperature monitoring in museums and archives with Testo Wi-Fi Data Loggers


Museums and archives are the gatekeepers of our cultural heritage, entrusted with preserving historical treasures and artworks for future generations. They serve as both protectors of these invaluable exhibits and providers of a comfortable environment for visitors and staff. The battle against temperature and humidity fluctuations, which can wreak havoc on these priceless artefacts, has traditionally been a labour-intensive endeavour. However, with the advent of Testo Saveris 2 and Testo 160 series Wi-Fi data loggers, maintaining the perfect archives temperature and humidity in museums has become seamless and efficient.

Preserving Precious Artefacts and Ensuring Ideal Climate

Curators of museums and archives face a monumental task – upholding the ideal temperature and humidity for museum collections, display cases, storerooms, and archives. The importance of this endeavour cannot be overstated, as the longevity of the items on display and in storage is dependent on maintaining the optimal environment. Fluctuations in museum temperature and humidity standards can lead to the deterioration of artefacts, causing irreparable damage. This is where Testo Wi-Fi data loggers come to the rescue.

Your Solution: Testo Saveris 2 & Testo 160 Wi-Fi Data Loggers

These innovative data loggers offer several benefits instrumental in preserving and safeguarding invaluable collections:

Positioning Flexibility: Testo Saveris 2 and Testo 160 data loggers can be strategically placed anywhere within a museum or archive, making it easy to monitor different areas simultaneously.

Automated Data Transfer: Measurement values are automatically transmitted to the Cloud and securely stored there, eliminating the need for manual recording and data entry.

Remote Accessibility: Curators and staff can access data from anywhere in the world at any time using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. The convenience of remote monitoring was especially valuable during unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Alarm Notifications: The data loggers provide instant alerts via email and text messages when critical temperature and humidity standards for archives are breached, allowing timely corrective action.

Compatibility: Testo Saveris 2 and Testo 160 loggers work seamlessly together, offering maximum flexibility and coverage.


How Testo Wi-Fi Data Loggers Enhance Efficiency

Testo Wi-Fi data loggers have revolutionized the way museums and archives manage ideal temperature and humidity for museum collections:

Automated and Secure Monitoring: Data is stored in duplicate, both in the data logger and the Testo Cloud, ensuring data security and redundancy.

No More Manual Data Entry: With Testo data loggers, there’s no need for labour-intensive manual readings and documentation.

Easy Data Access: All that’s required for data access is an internet connection, wireless LAN, and a web browser – no additional software is necessary.

Advanced License Flexibility: With the Advanced license, you can receive instant email and text alerts when temperature and humidity standards for archives violations occur, enhancing your ability to take timely action.

Achieving Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Museums and Archives

Maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity for museum collections is a critical aspect of preserving precious artefacts and historical documents. The ideal conditions for museums generally involve maintaining room temperatures between 18 and 20°C, with relative humidity ranging from 45% to 50%. Many museums opt for a relative humidity of 45% and gallery temperatures between 18.33°C and 20°C, as lower temperatures significantly extend the longevity of collections.

For archives climate control, keeping the archives’ temperature below 23.8°C and the relative humidity (rH) below 65% is recommended to prevent mould growth and reduce insect activity. Achieving and sustaining these conditions is a challenge that Testo Wi-Fi data loggers are designed to address.

Controlling Humidity in Museums

The control of museum humidity is a multifaceted challenge. Various methods and technologies are employed to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for museum collections. These may include humidification and dehumidification systems, as well as environmental monitoring solutions like Testo Wi-Fi data loggers. By continuously monitoring and adjusting museum humidity levels, curators can ensure the optimal preservation of artefacts.

Testo Wi-Fi Data Loggers in Action.

Testo Wi-Fi data loggers offer a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring and data collection. Their features include:

Automated Data Transfer: Measurement values are securely stored in the Testo Cloud, ensuring data redundancy and accessibility.

Remote Access: Curators and staff can access data from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical presence.

Ease of Integration: Testo data loggers can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and require only an internet connection and a web browser for access.

Instant Alerts: Testo Wi-Fi data loggers provide immediate email and text alerts in case of critical museum humidity standards breaches.

Case Study: Air Force Museum of New Zealand

The Air Force Museum of New Zealand is a prime example of how Testo Wi-Fi data loggers have transformed environmental monitoring and control in cultural institutions. By implementing these solutions, the museum improved its real-time monitoring capabilities, gained access to historical data, and made informed decisions about artefact display and management. The ability to oversee conditions remotely and cloud-based storage further enhanced their environmental control efforts.

A powerful testimonial from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand illustrates the impact of Testo’s solutions:

“The Air Force Museum of New Zealand at Wigram, Christchurch, cares for over a million objects that tell the story of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. An important element of looking after our collection is ensuring that it is displayed and stored in appropriate environmental conditions, avoiding temperatures or levels of relative museum humidity standards that could pose a threat to individual objects and materials. The Testo environmental monitoring system helps us to do this.”

The Air Force Museum of New Zealand used to rely on plug-in museum temperature and humidity standards data loggers, which required manual monitoring and only provided information after events had occurred. To enhance their monitoring capabilities, they deployed Testo 160TH and Testo Saveris 2 H1 data loggers across their sites. These Wi-Fi-based systems enabled real-time monitoring, access to historical data, and remote oversight – crucial features, especially during unexpected events like the COVID-19 lockdowns. The cloud-based storage provided peace of mind, ensuring data integrity even in the face of on-site server failures.

Murray McGuigan, Collections Technician at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, sums up their experience with Testo: “We’ve found the Testo system to be reliable, effective, and easy to use, and it is an important tool in our collection care toolbox.”

Conclusion: Ensuring the Preservation of History

In conclusion, preserving historical artefacts and documents in museums and archives depends on maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity for museum collections. Fluctuations in museum humidity can lead to irreversible damage. Testo Wi-Fi data loggers offer an efficient and reliable solution, automating temperature and humidity standards for archives, monitoring and providing real-time data access from anywhere in the world. The successful implementation of Testo’s solutions, as demonstrated by the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, underscores their effectiveness in protecting our cultural heritage. To learn more about how Testo Wi-Fi data loggers can benefit your institution, explore their products here.

By leveraging modern technology, museums and archives can safeguard the treasures of the past for future generations, ensuring that history remains preserved

Discover the power of Testo’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi data loggers today and embark on a journey to effortless climate control and artefact preservation!