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Wireless Controls

WEMS BACnet® Gateway has been designed, developed and tested with contemporary platforms from the world’s leading BMS manufacturers, such as Trend, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Tridium, Carel, Innotech & more.



The WEMS BACnet® Gateway provides system integrators with a long-range wireless backbone for their BMS projects. Designed for use across entire sites or buildings, WEMS wireless technology opens up new project opportunities for integrators, allowing them to install faster than ever before. The Gateway itself acts as middleware between the BMS platform and the WEMS wireless modules and sensors. The modules and sensors talk to the Gateway using WEMS protocol, the information sent is translated by the Gateway and communicated back to your BMS via BACnet®, where all I/O appears as native hardware.

The system allows you to combine your BACnet® IP BMS with WEMS Modular or integrated wireless I/O devices in form of a wired, wireless or hybrid network resulting in a robust, cost-effective solution for many BMS applications.

WEMS range of wireless room sensors provide indoor and outdoor environmental data you need to for a comfortable and safe system operation. With no cables to run, sensors can be mounted in almost any environment in a matter of minutes.

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BACnet Gateway 100

The Gateway 100 allows system integrators to add WEMS wireless I/O into 3rd party BMS systems that are BACnet® IP compatible. The modules and sensors communicate to the Gateway using the WEMS protocol, the information sent is translated by the Gateway and communicated back to your BMS via BACnet® IP, where all I/O appears as BACnet® objects.
Using a Gateway, system integrators can combine multiple different wireless frequencies to suit different scenarios and also mix wired comms with wireless communications to create a system that’s cost-effective for both the integrator and client.

> Supports Schneider Electric, Trend, Siemens and Tridium BMS platforms
> 2KM wireless range (line of sight)
> MX wireless I/O compatible
> Integrated wireless I/O compatible
> Low power consumption, typically 1.5W
> Reliable, 100% solid-state
> Simple user interface

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> Certification CE
> Warranty 2 years

BACnet Gateway 200

The WEMs BACnet® Gateway 200 allows any BACnet® IP compatible BMS to interface with the MX wireless I/O and Integrated Wireless I/O ranges. The BACnet® Gateway has a HTML5 user interface for discovering and configuring I/O modules, sensors and any Modbus points.

This discovery builds a table of I/O in the database, made-up of analogue inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs and Modbus points. The user can then simply use the standard BACnet® interface on a BEMS to discover the available I/O.

> BACnet® IP – works with Schneider Electric, Trend, Siemens, and other BACnet IP compatible systems
> Works with our MX wireless I/O, Integrated wireless I/O & WEMS wireless sensors
> Low power consumption, typically 1.5W
> Reliable, 100% solid-state
> UL approved

Additional info
> Certification CE, UL
> Warranty 2 years

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