Thermography Training

Learn how to use your thermal imaging camera to its full potential, making use of all camera features and functions available for your specific application.


Thermal Imaging Training and Level 1 Certification at Eurotec!
Eurotec not only provides high quality non-contact temperature measuring equipment, but also thermography education. Twice a year, Eurotec run five-day, thermography certification workshops through which level 1 Themography Certification can be attained.

Who is the course for?
Electricians, Insurance Reporters, Building Inspectors, Industrial Maintenance Inspectors, Inspectors of solar energy/photovaltaic systems and more!

What does the course cover?
Please see the ‘Course Details’ tab.

Who is the course tutor?
Thermography expert Jeff Erichsen from Advanced Infrared Resources Asia Pacific region. Read more about Jeff in the ‘Tutor info’ tab.

November 2019 Course Dates

18 – 22 November, 2019

$1950+gst per person
Venue: Eurotec Head Office, Penrose, Auckland

Eurotec Ltd Thermography Certification Course Auckland

25th – 29th November, 2019

$1999+gst per person
Venue: 30A Carlyle Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

Eurotec Ltd Thermography Certification Course Christchurch

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Course Details

Make use of all camera features and functions available for your specific application and gain a qualification in an ever growing area of industrial maintenance. Twice a year, Eurotec Ltd  provides a 5 day workshop through which level 1 Themography certification can be attained.

What does the course cover?

  • Basic Thermal Physics
  • Basic Heat Transfer Theory
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • The Infrared Image
  • Qualitative Thermography
  • Infrared Radiation Physics
  • Imaging and Analysis Factors
  • Applications (As pertinent to class)
  • Software
  • The course is concluded with a Level 1 examination

Thermography expert Jeff Erichsen from Advanced Infrared Resources Asia Pacific region is the course tutor, having learnt from the best, our previous tutor Wayne Ruddock, Jeff provides thorough and practical training courses with the same hands on experience for each student so they can effectively perform the infrared thermography tasks required once they return to their work place.

You can view the full course outline HERE.

Tutor Info

Jeff Erichsen The Director of Operations for the Asia Pacific Region for Advanced Infrared Resources has been involved in the condition monitoring of heavy mobile equipment and fixed plant in the mining industry since early 2013. He stumbled upon the technology in late 2012 and immediately recognised its prospective value in his field and began to heavily research its uses.

View Jeff’s full bio HERE.


‘Excellent tutor with good and varied knowledge on the subject of thermography. Highly recommend for anyone with high energy components in their plants/workplaces’
Matt Howell, Fonterra

‘The course taught the correct way of undertaking thermal imaging, the science behind the methods and procedures and how to achieve real results that are proven correct. I found it’s not just a matter of taking a photo’
Bruce Moroney, Moroney Electrical

‘I came to the course not really knowing what to expect, the theory and practical was excellent and I have a better understanding of infrared and the use of my camera so we can produce a good image’
Wayne Isaac, Laser Electrical

‘This course was really informative, in depth and detailed with the tutor and Eurotec representative, Tom, displayed a high quality of knowledge and experience’
Johannes Kruger, 1st Maintenance Ltd

‘A very in depth and well-run course that was very interesting and tailored to my requirements for thermography’
Shelley Woods, Bright Energy

‘It doesn’t take long to realise that there is more to the art of thermography. Wayne has a way of delivering the book work and practical work along with his life experiences in thermography that keeps you interested throughout the course. Eurotec did an outstanding job of hosting the course with generous smokos and lunches provided. I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering Level 1 Thermography.’
Angus Ferguson, Electrician.Carter Holt Harvey

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