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Testo Thermal Imaging: See more with innovative, reliable thermography
Testo thermal imagers can assist you in your applications by enabling you to see more. Whether you are checking buildings, performing industrial maintenance, inspecting solar energy / photovoltaic systems or undertaking research.Testo thermal imagers have
outstanding infrared image quality and innovative technologies such as SuperResolution, SiteRecognition or full radiometric video.

Level 1 & 2 Thermography Certification Courses at Eurotec.
Want to learn?how to use your thermal imaging camera to its full potential? Throughout the year, Eurotec provides 5 day workshops through which level 1 or 2 themography certification can be attained, Click here to learn more….

Testo Thermal Imagerscan be used in a number of applications. To find out more please click on the links below.

Thermography in Production & Maintenance – Sequence Capturing

Thermography in Research & Development – Sequence capturing of infrared images

Preventive Maintenance in the construction of Luxury Yachts with Thermal Imagers.

Preventive Maintenance of the Water Infrastructure with Testo Imagers brochure.

Testo 885 Thermal Imager.

View the Top Level Thermography Brochure Part 1 and Part 2.

Testo Thermal Imagers.


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