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Heat Meters for Hot & Chilled Water Systems, Power Network Analyzers for Analysis of Electrical Values


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Heat Meters are used to measure the energy costs associated with the supply of Hot & Chilled Water for the purposes of individual billing of tenants or departments. Power Meters are key to Energy Management and Smart Meter applications.

A typical NZ application would be Universities, large Govt. Organisations and Hospitals etc. Eurotec and SVM have been involved in energy metering in the NZ market for over 20yrs.

More recently Belimo have partnered with Swiss company Sontex and subsequently?Eurotec now offer the Sontex range of Heat Meters to the NZ market.

Innotech ATOM is a comprehensive Data Acquisition, Billing and Optimisation Management Tool. ATOM enables you to analyse historic data, generate reports and billing information while helping you to analyse and monitor the performance of your building and environmental impact.

ATOM can be integrated into any new or existing buildings using your current infrastructure.

ATOM can be configured to acquire data from supported SQL Server databases, and generate billing and reporting information using a Tenant/Services database that can be customised to suit your application.

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