Bitzer Engineered Packages

BITZER has built and designed multiple compressor packages for over 50 years, providing the industry with complete factory-assembled finished products ready for installation.



This series of parallel compressor rack packages continues to provide flexibility, energy efficiency and durability. BITZER continues to produce racks from a standard platform and template to ensure consistency. System gas loss integrity has been enhanced through the use of pre-formed pipework and highly robust pipe fixings providing significant reduction in the use of mechanical joints.

Parallel Racks
– Mini Rack
– Maxi Rack
– Screw Rack

Parallel Racks
– Natural Refrigerant Systems
– Gen 6 Series Cascade
– Gen 7 Series CO? DX Flooded System
– Cobalt Unit – R744 Subcritical
– Transcritical CO? System
– Combo Rack R134A-R744


BITZER engineers basic compressor sets with all necessary compressor controls and valves included. The compressor can be set up with many accessories as standard to suit many different applications. Condensers and evaporators are also mounted remotely, providing the freedom to install equipment exactly where it is needed.

– ComMech Semi-Hermetic Screw Package
– Remote Units

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