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Eurotec Business Units

                          Instrumentation & Measurement
                          The Instrumentation and Measurement Business Unit markets and supports a wide range of
                          instrumentation products for many industries. Our two main agencies for these products come
                          from Germany and are global players in their respective markets. BENNING manufacture a
                          comprehensive range of Electrical test & measurement instrumentation and TESTO is a world
                          leader in portable instrumentation for the measurement of physical values. BENNING is distributed
          through our nationwide network of Electrical Wholesalers whilst TESTO instrumentation is sold both direct to the
          markets and through our appointed Distributors.
          Eurotec also has Personal Gas Safety Monitoring products in our instrumentation and measurement portfolio. MSA
          are leaders in the Gas Measurement technology area for personnel working in enclosed spaces or with hazardous &
          toxic chemicals. We also stock a range of digital thermometers, multimeters, manometers, and other testing

          Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Hazardous and Toxic Gases are also available through our I&M Business Unit.
          Global brands MSA, Honeywell, Manning and Gastron are all sold and supported through the I&M BU.
          Our After-Sales Dept offers both on-site and return to base Calibration Services & Repairs for all of the brands we
          offer as well as competitor products.

                          The After-Sales Department provides Calibration and Servicing of all instruments for the Food,
                          Environmental, HVAC and Refrigeration, Manufacturing & Process Industries. We have a service
                          workshop and laboratory set up in our Auckland office for calibrations and repairs. We aim to
                          provide a 24hr turn-around for basic single point temperature calibrations, in particular for those
                          customers in the Food Industry where temperature monitoring is critical to their HACCP Food
         Safety programs.  We use a PC based service package enabling our After-Sales Dept to track and report on the
         status of any calibration of repair job back to our Sales Team or the Customer. This system also provides an
         automated calibration reminder notice to the customer, ensuring that they meet the requirements of their own quality
         To meet customer requirements for instrument calibrations in the field we have a vehicle configured to visit on site
         and perform calibrations for fixed sensors or fragile/bulky instruments; or for those that cannot be removed due to
         safety reasons e.g. car park C0 sensors. (These require regular calibration for building warrant of fitness and to
         comply to the Australia New Zealand standards AS1668.2, which states all such sensors must be calibrated every six
         months). This would be necessary for all car parks that are enclosed or under ground.
         Our After-Sales B.U also offers customised site-specific calibration and preventative maintenance contracts for those
         clients requiring pre-planned and budgeted servicing costs, thereby reducing downtime and improved efficiency and
         accuracy of their quality systems
         We  also  have  a  Humidity  Calibrator,  Velocity,  Humidity,  Temperature  (contact  &  IR)  and  Pressure  reference
         instruments with Traceability/Certification to carry out calibration checks on most instruments; and test gasses to
         carry out on-site calibrations for all Buildings, Hospitals & Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

                          Control Panel Solutions - A Division of Eurotec
                          Eurotec has been building and supplying Eurotec Control Panel Solutions to the Refrigeration
                          industry since 2008. Since then we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of
                          Refrigerated Milk Vat control panels to the dairy sector controlling the refrigeration system(s),
                          pumps and CIP functions as well as Condensing Unit control panels for OEM’s, custom control
                          panels for Refrigeration Racks, Chillers and a variety of commercial refrigeration applications.

         In 2012 the Control Panel Solutions division (CPS) was established to reflect the growing control panels business
         and we now supply Control Panel Solutions to the Refrigeration, HVAC and Electrical markets. Applications
         typically include Fan Coil Unit Control Panels, Car Park Gas Detection and Ventilation Control Panels, Level &
         Pump Control Panels, Temperature & Humidity Control Panels.
         CPS integrates and value-adds to the extensive range of Refrigeration, HVAC & Electrical control and monitoring
         solutions sold by Eurotec to NZ industry for over 30 years, with a focus on providing quality control panels at
         competitive prices yet providing clients with custom solutions to meet their application requirements.
         CPS is supported by the wealth of industry and application knowledge that has been synonymous with Eurotec for
         over a quarter of a century.
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