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Eurotec HVAC Newsletter, January 2022

In the HVAC January Newsletter we showcase the CETCI handheld portable monitors for indoor air quality, the YESAIR 8 Channel Monitor and Incubator Verification Monitor.

EV’s taking flight

As a continuation of the last blog ‘EVs aren’t only cars’ we glimpse into how EVs are looking to make an impact on flight!

Eurotec Refrigeration Newsletter, November 2021

In the November Refrigeration Newsletter we showcase the brand new Chil-LED3 light fitting for cold storage environments and our Testo apprentice kit specials. Find out more…

EV’s aren’t only cars

Whenever you hear the term “EV” or electric vehicle you instantly think of a car, right? But Electrical Vehicles aren’t just limited to four wheels…

Eurotec HVAC Newsletter, October 2021

In the October HVAC newsletter the spotlight is on CAREL humidifier solutions available from Eurotec, and our humidifier Virtual Training Sessions in November. Find out more!

Electric vehicles and the classic kiwi Ute

In this latest article by Rodda Smithies of CSA-Charger Stations Australia, he brings up an interesting topic of why electric utes aren’t being adopted as quickly as other electric vehicles….

Eurotec HVAC Business Unit Newsletter, July 2021

In the July HVAC newsletter we feature the NEW Eurotec Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring System, which is ideal for continuous monitoring of refrigerants in hotel rooms where high efficiency, high volume refrigerant cooling and heating systems are used. Find out more!