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EVs aren’t only cars Part 3: EVs underwater

The latest instalment in the blog series ‘EVs aren’t only cars’; EVs Underwater from Rodda Smithies of CSA Charger Stations Australia.

Did you ever think you could hook up a submarine to the back of your car and head away for a weekend of underwater exploration? I will admit the thought has never crossed my mind, until now!  Here we have the Nemo, a “relatively affordable” two seat submarine for the amateur submariner.

The term “relatively affordable” is not something I would use.  With a starting price tag of just over $1 million for a single seater and $1.2 million for a two-seater it is not something I will be in a position to buy any time soon!  However, If I was able to splash that kind of money on a personal submersible here is what I would get:

  • Underwater luxury akin to a high-end car
  • Capability to dive down to 330 feet at an average speed of 3 knots
  • A manipulator arm to play with all kinds of things in the ocean
  • The ability to tow my new submarine behind my four-wheel drive Bentley or Rolls Royce.
  • High powered spotlights and floodlights to light up murky waters
  • The ability to stay submerged for up to 8 hours.

That sounds like a lot of fun!

Now if you happen to have a spare $mil burning a hole in your pocket and want to go check out the Titanic think again! The Titanic is approx. 12,600 feet deep which is a tad deeper than the Nemo’s 330 feet capability. There is still a large range of shipwrecks and submarines sitting in shallow enough water for the Nemo, if you are a World War 2 buff for example then there is a heap of WW2 aircraft and U-boats within reach.

Fingers crossed this sort of thing comes down in price and becomes as affordable as a Jetski, until then I think the only time we will see them is in movies.

There is plenty more to learn about the Nemo by clicking the following link:

Article provided by Rodda Smithies, (CSA Charger Stations Australia)