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WineEng 2014 NZ Conference & Exhibition

WineEng 2014 NZ Conference & Exhibition.  

18th – 19th September

Napier War Memorial Conference Centre, Napier, NZ    

Within the winemaking process, control of the temperature, humidity and pressure plays a key role. Controlling these variables therefore means managing the production, maturation and storage of the wine so that the product that reaches our tables retains its specific characteristics and quality.

At this year’s conference our HVAC and Refrigeration teams will be promoting solutions for the wine industry with the range of Carel Humidifiers, temperature controllers and monitoring systems with a special focus on the humidity control of barrel storage. The use of humidification in barrel halls can significantly reduce spontaneous evaporation of the wine from the barrel while in storage – known as ullage or the popular term ‘The Angels Portion’ .

Click on the images below to check out our Wine Industry brochures for more information.

Wine Brochure Snapshot    Ullage Brochure Snapshot

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