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Top 3 Innovations from Centec

Eurotec is proud to be appointed as the New Zealand distributor for German manufacturer Centec. Centec’s range offers solutions for Brewery, Dairy and Winery systems along with high precision sensors. The focus of our product range in the NZ market is for the Brewery and Food manufacturing sectors.

These top 3 Innovations from CENTEC were recently showcased at the BrauBeviale Exhbition in Nuremberg, Germany. 11 – 13 Nov 2014:

1. Starting with the CarboTec NIR sensor, the latest in measurement of CO2 in carbonated beverages, including soft drinks, beer and wine. CarboTec is of extreme precision and provides “true” carbon dioxide content not influenced by any other gases such as nitrogen. Due to the lack of moving parts, the instrument is maintenance free!

2. The second innovation from Centec the Dealcoholization system, DelAlcoTec. This system incorporates a precise & highly efficient method for aroma recovery during the dealcoholisation process. The specific benefit is it provides extremely gentle processing at low temperatures with a short retention time, therefore optimizing product defining aroma and flavour profiles. Residual alcohol content less than 0,01 % ABV can be achieved.

3. Our last innovation is the EASYOMER Hops Isomerization System. Easyomer allows an economically optimized use of hops resulting from a significantly increased yield of bitter substances. A new, scientifically proven technique & certain hops specific process parameters support the solubility of the iso-alpha acids resulting from the hops product. To a high degree they remain dissolved up to the finished beer. It is possible to achieve a hops reduction of up to 30 %

Check out our Centec product page for additional information here

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