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Exciting news! We are now IQP Certified.

We are pleased to announce that our After-Sales Service Technician and Manager Praveen is now a registered Independent Qualified Person (IQP).

When do I need an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)?
If your building has a compliance schedule, you will need an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to carry out or supervise inspections, maintenance and reporting procedures on each specified system, and provide a Form 12A each year for your building warrant of fitness (WOF).

The nature and frequency of the inspections will be set out in the compliance schedule.

An IQP is a person whom the council has confirmed as qualified to inspect, maintain and report on each specified systems in accordance with the requirements, and to certify that these procedures have been followed. ‘Independent’ means the person has no financial interest in the building.

Praveen Laxmidas has been accepted by Auckland Council as being appropriately qualified to
undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting of:
“Automatic gas leak detection for detection and measurement of gases limited to testing/calibration of stand-alone detectors/sensors”

This qualification applies to Specified Systems 2.2 as per Building Act 2004. This means gas leak detection/measurement for flammable, toxic, refrigerant and oxygen gases such as Carbon monoxide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, methane, etc

Praveen IQP


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