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Carel presents the latest innovation in commercial refrigeration - HEOS Sistema

The latest water loop based Refrigeration control system from Carel for retail applications

Carel presents the latest innovation in commercial refrigeration. HEOS sistema is the new concept that combines the installation flexibility and simplicity of a water loop system used as transfer fluid for the heat of condensation generated by small refrigeration units, installed in very efficient and reliable self-contained plug-and-play cabinets equipped with BLDC compressors.

Highly efficient horizontal BLDC compressors maximise unit efficiency, while the very wide range of modulation of the Power + DC inverter and the E2V stepper electronic expansion valve mean each individual unit always operates in the best working conditions, without being affected by the others. Compressor and valve modulation, intelligently controlled by Heos, on one hand ensure perfect control of food temperature, completely eliminating the typical swings of remote systems, and on the other provide in-depth information on refrigeration system status, applying advanced algorithms for preventive diagnostics and maintenance.

Water loop condensation systems drastically reduce the installation costs of long copper pipes, eliminating the risk of leakages and large quantities of refrigerant. The water loop can be easily designed according to load requirements, outside temperature (free cooling as the best option) and supermarket layout. Installation is very easy, and several possibilities are available for ensuring very high efficiency even in warmer climates, as well as interesting interactions with the air conditioning or heating system.

Operation is completely monitored by the PlantVisorPRO supervisory system, which displays the main information and only the main data needed by specific types of users (energy managers, service & maintenance, etc.) at a local and remote level, while also allowing overall system efficiency to be optimised according to the operating conditions of each individual unit.

Main benefits:

• Up to 85% less leakages

• Up to 70% less refrigerant charge

• Up to 20% energy savings

• Full knowledge of refrigeration unit performance 

• Optimum food temperature control

• Factory tested units: reliability

• Flexible and simple installation




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