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Carel launches the new IR33+ Controller

ir33+, a new series of controllers for professional Refrigeration

In-depth knowledge of applications in the Refrigeration market has allowed CAREL to design products that are technologically advanced and simple to use, with special attention to details, according to the needs of this market.

ir33+ is the evolution of the famous Carel ir33 family, inheriting and extending all the features that have made it a market benchmark over the years, in terms of appearance, usability, integration with monitoring and supervisory systems

Some features in terms of appearance include:

  • a touch keypad,
  • a completely flat surface for much better hygiene in compliance with HACCP requirements
  • and a new design layout of the buttons.

As regards to usability, this controller offers larger and brighter display (30% bigger than the ir33), intuitive user interface, ON/OFF function, dedicated alarm icons and direct muting of the buzzer, context messages on the display while browsing.

Integration with monitoring and supervisory systems are a must of all Carel controllers. In fact, the entire range of ir33+ offers Modbus® and CAREL protocols (with automatic recognition) as standard.

To fulfil the needs of Carel customers, this new series of ir33+ controllers is compatible with ir33 in terms of drilling template, assembly, dimensions, wiring diagrams and parameters.

Thanks to its engineering optimization, just a few part numbers of ir33+ cover all market applications and allow simple stock management.

ir33+ represents the new CAREL offering for the distribution segment, which demands controllers that are reliable, flexible and readily available. 



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