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Process Cooling

Airedale’s Precision Air Conditioning range is designed for a wide range of applications where high precision air conditioning or heat transfer is essential, such as data centres, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments.

A pioneer in precision air conditioning, Airedale Air Conditioning provides an adaptable range of precision air conditioning products designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air temperature and humidity is vital. The unit range includes cooling from 6kW – 233kW and each system maximises energy efficiency and uptime. Precision air conditioning systems are offered in a range of cooling options including DX, free cooling, dual cool, chilled water and refrigerants R410A. We provide precision air conditioning in both upflow and downflow and optimised efficiency is delivered by way of EC fans, Scroll compressors and inverter compressors.

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The spotlight on Airedale process cooling! After a winning streak at the DCS and H&V News awards this year they are nominated again at the year’s RAC Cooling Industry awards. Airedale are pioneers in energy efficient cooling systems. Read more about their ever growing success.



Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s...

Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, Airedale are experts in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership. Eurotec and Airedale help select optimum specifications tailored to your application and provide support which enables you to manage your cooling system for best performance.

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