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Flood Detection Systems

A simple and economical solution for resolving the problem of flooding

The CAREL flood prevention system is a device designed to quickly and reliably detect unwanted water leaks, to protect equipment or special environments e.g: computer rooms, offices, laboratories, industrial facilities and boiler rooms.

The advantages of the device include easy operation, with no configuration and maintenance required, and simple connection. Simply connect the power supply, the sensor, and the signal device. Typically, the detector is installed in the electrical panel, while the sensor is located in the area being controlled. When the sensor is wet by water, the signal system is activated.

Two different types of probes are used, so as to respond to the different requirements of the applications. A network of sensors connected in parallel series can be created so as to control a group of points at the same time with the same detector.




For over 40 years CAREL has been designing and manufacturing electronic controllers and remote ma...

For over 40 years CAREL has been designing and manufacturing electronic controllers and remote management systems for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. The quality and innovation of its products has made CAREL one of the established leaders in the industry worldwide. Carel has been specializing in the field of humidification for over 30years, and offers humidification solutions for almost any application using a variety of humidification technologies ranging from electrode boiler & resistance element humidifiers to live steam systems; and compressed air/water and high pressure water atomising systems for high capacity applications to small freestanding centrifugal atomisers. CAREL's main customers are manufacturers (OEM) and installers, serviced by a network of branches and distributors present in many different countries around the world. CAREL Retail Solutions is the latest proposal for the optimised control of air-conditioning and refrigeration units in large retail structures. CAREL Retail Solutions allows the use of advanced supervision and remote management systems, with effective savings in system maintenance costs. This means reductions in running costs and simplified management of hygiene (HACCP) procedures.