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Airedale Water Chillers

Airedale Water Chiller technology, offering more for less

Eurotec are proud to be appointed the New Zealand distributor of UK cooling equipment manufacturer Airedale. With over 40 years’ experience and several awards under their belt, Airedale is the UK’s number one provider of chillers and IT cooling solutions.

From the range of Airedale chillers we are focusing on the DeltaChill and the DeltaChill FreeCool version.

DeltaChill is an air cooled R410A scroll chiller offering a FreeCool variant and a wide span of cooling capacities from 110 to 1080kW. 
An extremely energy efficient and compact chiller, the DeltaChill combines quiet, cost effective scroll compressors and the latest fan technology applied in a modular V-frame coil design. In higher capacity models and across all FreeCool models, micro channel heat exchangers lift efficiency even higher, whilst still minimising space.

Free Cooling
Free-cooling can save vast amounts of energy, particularly when room temperatures are high. For free-cooling to operate, the temperature difference between the ambient air and return water can be as little as 2°C.

Reducing operating costs & carbon footprint
The DeltaChill significantly reduces running costs and carbon footprint. The 140 – 1080kW DeltaChill FreeCool could operate up to 95% of the year in free-cooling depending on the application. During any mechanical cooling, the DeltaChill has excellent part load efficiencies, ensuring no power is wasted. 

For futher product details and technical information please click on the image below or click HERE to go to the website 

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Airedale are industry leaders in their field and have been celebrated for their innovative energy saving products on numerous occasions in recent years. Want to read more? Click HERE!




Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s...

Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, Airedale are experts in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership. Eurotec and Airedale help select optimum specifications tailored to your application and provide support which enables you to manage your cooling system for best performance.